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    The global IoT market value is forecasted to increase to 1.7 trillion US$. This means that IoT will be the next global economic growth point. Sensor is in the perception layers of IoT and regarded as the foundation and prerequisite of realizing IoT technology. In recent years, the IoT application market has experienced a sharp increased. As a result, the demand for sensors is predicted to have a substantial growth from 10 billion levels to trillion levels by the year 2025. 

    SENSOR CHINA is the first and only sensor oriented professional industry event in China including one expo, 10+ parallel conferences and a lot of industry social events. It focuses on sensor technology and sensor oriented application and system solutions. Nearly 200 sensor and IoT companies from Asia, North America and Europe present to meet and collaborate around themes such as stat-of-the-art technologies, R&D advances, the latest industry development trends and the opportunities & challenges facing the industry. 

    SENSOR CHINA warmly invites you to join and participate in this exciting event.

    Sep. 15 -17, 2021


    Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, China


    Guided by

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC
    Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

    Organized by

    Sensors and IoT Industry Association
    Shanghai Technology Convention & Exhibiton Co.,Ltd.

    Supported by
    National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center





    Opening ceremony
    Sep. 2, 2019 (Monday)
    Visiting time of audiences
    Sep.2, 2019 (Monday)
    Sep.3, 2019 (Tuesday)
    Sep.4, 2019 (Wednesday)
    Withdrawal from pavilion
    Sep. 4, 2019 (Wednesday)



    The agenda subjects to change.