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    Date: 2019-02-22  Type: Press Releases



    Adaptable Sensors Enable A Data-Driven Future

    Small, portable, adaptable optical sensors offer robust performance for intelligent solutions in a wide variety of connected applications and performance environments. Their inherent flexibility and integration capabilities give designers a programmable option that allows manufacturers to take advantage of volume cost savings and the ability to get their systems to market quickly.

    In a data-driven world, connected devices have created profound impact. Smartphones are essentially a vast, globally distributed network of connected cameras, while the more recent introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems is creating other widely distributed networks of highly instrumented devices. We don’t yet know the full impact of these emergent networks. We do know, however, that most of their utility relies upon deploying one or more sensors to detect a change in diverse environments of the real world—such as a heart rate, system temperature, or moisture measurement in a crop field—and turn it into an electrical signal that can be measured. This challenge requires sensors that are highly integrated, small, robust, stable over the long term, and draw little power if they are to meet the needs of IoT devices and service the trend toward increased portability. They also need to be adaptable as it’s likely that the measurement capabilities demanded of devices in the field will evolve while they are in use.



    在数据驱动的世界中,连接设备产生了深远的影响。智能手机本质上是一个庞大的、全球分布的连接相机网络,而最近推出的物联网(IoT)生态系统正在创建其他广泛分布的高度仪器化设备网络。我们还不知道这些新兴网络的全部影响。然而,我们确实知道,他们的大部分效用都依赖于部署一个或多个传感器来检测现实世界各种环境的变化 - 例如心率,系统温度或作物田间的水分测量 - 然后转动它成为可以测量的电信号。这一挑战要求传感器高度集成,体积小,坚固耐用,长期稳定,并且如果要满足物联网设备的需求并为提高便携性提供服务,则耗电量很小。它们还需要具有适应性,因为现场设备所需的测量能力可能会在使用时发生变化。


    Temperature Sensor Market Heating Up

    According to a report issued by research firm Research Report Insights, the global temperature sensors market is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 6% and command $7.5 billion from 2016 to 2023. Escalating demand for temperature sensors in the automotive, home and building automation systems, portable healthcare equipment, and industrial robotics markets are thought to be driving market growth. However, a decline in the personal-computer market will hamper the temperature sensors market.



    研究公司Research Report Insights发布的一份报告显示,全球温度传感器市场的复合年增长率预计将达到6%,从2016年到2023年将达到75亿美元。汽车,家庭和楼宇自动化系统对温度传感器的需求不断增加,便携式医疗保健设备和工业机器人市场被认为正在推动温度传感器市场增长。然而,个人电脑市场的下滑将阻碍温度传感器市场的发展。


    VOC Sensors Market Subtle, Yet Solid

    According to MarketsandMarkets’ report “VOC Sensors and Monitors Market by Device Type (Sensors and Monitors), Application (Industrial Process Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Air Purification & Monitoring, and Leak Detection), and Geography - Global Forecast to 2023”, the volatile organic compound (VOC) sensors and monitors market is expected to expand from $140 million in 2018 to $176 million by 2023, at a CAGR of 4.6%. This moderate, yet consistent rise is attributed to the increasing enforcement of occupational health and safety regulations by governments.






    Torque-Control ICs Take Up Little Space



    Designed specifically for three-phase brushless dc (BLDC) and dc rush motors, Performance Motion Devices’ Juno torque-control ICs come in an ultra-small 56-pin or small 64-pin package. Juno ICs target designs with limited space that need to control noise, vibration and power consumption. They are said to be easy to deploy with embedded motion commands and on-board intelligence.


    Performance Motion Devices的Juno扭矩控制IC专为三相无刷直流(BLDC)和直流冲击电机而设计,采用超小型56引脚或小型64引脚封装。 Juno IC针对需要控制噪声,振动和功耗的有限空间设计。 据说它们易于部署,具有嵌入式动作命令和板载智能。



    The devices offer PWM frequencies up to 120 kHz and include a combination of four quadrant motion control, direct quadrature encoder input, multi-phase waveform generation, and advanced current control. In addition, Juno Torque ICs provide safety features including over- and under-voltage sense, over-current detection, over-temperature, and i2 t current foldback. They also employ non-volatile RAM to hold motor parameters and motion trace information that can be used to track and optimize system performance.

    这些器件提供高达120 kHz的PWM频率,包括四象限运动控制,直接正交编码器输入,多相波形生成和高级电流控制。 此外,Juno Torque IC还提供安全功能,包括过压和欠压检测,过流检测,过温和i2 t电流折返。 它们还采用非易失性RAM来保存电机参数和运动跟踪信息,可用于跟踪和优化系统性能。


    Cable Assemblies Connect Sensors In Harsh Environments



    TE Connectivity (TE) now offers M8M12 cable assemblies for applications such as sensors, robotics and production equipment, where extreme temperatures and harsh environments are likely to be encountered. They are also suitable for non-industrial applications and can be installed quickly.


    TE Connectivity(TE)现在为传感器、机器人和生产设备等应用提供M8M12电缆组件,可能会遇到极端温度和恶劣环境。 它们也适用于非工业应用,可以快速安装。


    The M8M12 cable assemblies have a protection rating of IP67, which means they are dustproof as well as waterproof down to 1m, while also providing protection from other common industrial elements including EMI, chemicals, and mechanical stress. Users can choose from single-ended or double-ended cable assemblies, including M8M12 versions. M12 configurations are available with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 poles, while M8 configurations have 3 or 4 poles.


    M8M12电缆组件的防护等级为IP67,这意味着它们具有防尘性能,防水深度可达1米,同时还可以防止其他常见的工业元件,包括EMI,化学品和机械应力。 用户可以选择单端或双端电缆组件,包括M8M12版本。 M12配置提供2,3,4,5和8极,而M8配置有3或4极。



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